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Discover Your Who Is An 8 Week Training Program To Help You Make The Income And Impact You Know You Deserve.

Too many great ideas are being tuned out by the very people who need to hear them the most.

Discover Your Who will teach you how to leverage the power of clarity. Targeting your ideal client and providing them with the resources they need to thrive gives you the satisfaction you want and the income you've always wanted.

Have you felt like everyday was a total struggle
to spread your ideas?


It is time to be known for what you know. Take advantage of the new world of opportunity through digital media.


Become a trusted guide in your industry by creating resources that people rave about.


Your people need you to be clear. The good news is that you likely have it inside you. We will develop it and turn it into a resource that helps a lot of people.

Watch The Story Of How Mark Got Clear


You'll Be Amazed At What You Can Learn In Eight Weeks

Get clear on your ideal audience.

The psychology of getting attention.

How to become a trusted leader to your people.

How to get paid what you deserve.

Make the best use of digital resources.

Develop your own intellectual property.

Life's too short and the present opportunities are too amazing to miss this opportunity.

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Get the training, tools, and support you'll need to make the greatest impact with your life.

This Is How We Grow Your Thought Leadership


We will take some time on the phone together to see if you would be a fit for our program.


You will begin our 8 week, online program. Become a part of the Emerging Thought Leaders network, and begin to watch your confidence, competence and character grow.


Watch as people start to treat you different. You will have a new clarity, passion, and plan for what you were created to do.

Meet Jon

Get Clear Founder and Course Instructor

Jon understands just how much opportunity there is for leaders to have an unprecedented impact in their industry. He also knows how so many people will miss these opportunities because they are too focussed on themselves.

Jon Morrison founded Get Clear Consulting because he is passionate about helping businesses and business leaders reach new levels of influence.

.Jon is a Certified StoryBrand Guide, a proven framework which is helping companies all around the world multiply their revenue. Jon helps business leaders get clear in their thinking, their dreams, and the strategy to get them there.

Jon has been featured on TEDx and has delivered talks all over North America. He is married to Hayley and they have two daughters, Abigail and Grace.

To learn more, you can visit: www.getclear.ca

Certified Storybrand Guide

Jon uses the Storybrand framework to guide his work. He will help you unleash the power of story on your idea and your marketing.

Best Selling Author

Jon has written two books and is passionate about helping aspiring authors grow their influence through published material.

ICF Certification

Jon is working towards his full certification with the International Coaching Federation.

As Trusted By:

Jon has helped me use the best tools available to get my message to the world.

While working together, Jon has a way of keeping me encouraged, passionate, and focussed on becoming an international leader in my industry.

- Guy Cramer, President/CEO of Hyperstealth Biotehnology Corp. and Tech CEO of the Year (2017).

As a busy chiropractor, I don't have enough time to take advantage of all the great tools that I know can help grow my practice.
I am thankful for Jon's insight and encouragement to try new initiatives and become an influencer in my city.

- Dr. Aaron Jorgensen, Northwest Injury Clinics

What Will The Course Cover?

Get Clarity on What Is Working Today and What
Is Just Creating More Noise

We have automation and robots to solve the easy problems for us. The difficult ones need people - thought leaders - to provide solutions to the pain points of the modern world.

We need these leaders in every industry - the opportunities are amazing. This is not about getting famous, it's about being known by the people you care about for the problem you solve.

How committed are you to owning your space as a leader?

Develop Your Best Ideas

You have a unique perspective on a specific problem in the world today. You've been working on the solution for years now - that's why you're an expert on the topic. But how much time have you given to really refining your thoughts?

As a thought leader you need to be crystal clear on the problem you solve and how you solve it. Can you articulate your own intellectual property? We help you communicate in a way that compels people to take note of your work.

We teach clarity and intentionality so you can deliver to the world the gold you have to offer.

Create And Execute A Marketing Strategy

We have studied the emergence of thought leaders across a spectrum of industries today. These inspiring leaders are working less and earning more. They didn't get there by luck. They followed a strategy. That's what you will have: a long and short term strategy to make your dream a reality.

Do you need to write a book? Start a podcast? Scale your consulting business? We teach you how to seize opportunities today by using the best tools to emerge as an authority in your industry.

Grow With Other Leaders

Discovering Your Who is not something you want to do alone.

When you enroll in the course you become part of a dynamic network of leaders who have the same drive to win as you do. Your family, friends, and even spouse may not understand what compels you - but these people will. They are just like you.

You wouldn't want to do this alone. We make sure you don't have to.

This program is for those who know there's one more step to climb.

We will show you how to take it.

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